Information on searching

Full Text Search

Full Text Search

Use the full text search to find a word or an expression irrespective of which field it occurs in.
Use the full text search first to check whether your search returns a result.
Field search

Field search

Use the field search to find a word or an expression in a selected database field such as title or reference code.
Use the field search if you want to search selectively and know the meaning or use of the individual fields.
Archive plan search

Archive plan search

The archive plan search enables you to navigate in the hierarchical tree structure of the archive, from the higher-level fonds to the individual document provided that it has been captured. Many documents are only comprehensible from their classification in the archive plan.
Use the archive plan search to get an overview of the various fonds or to selectively access known fonds.
Descriptor search

Descriptor search

Search by index terms and find the related archive items. This enables you to search for particular person terms, place terms and subject terms if they have been assigned by the archive. If the descriptor to be found does not exist, this does not mean that there are no associated archive items.
Use the descriptor search to selectively search for person, place or subject terms entered in the archive.

To contain the further spreading of the Corona virus, visits to the reading room of the State Archives Basel-Stadt are subject to the following special regulations:

  • We do request a reservation to do research in the reading room.
  • Please note that archival documents will be provided at the earliest two days after an order has been placed.
  • After you have placed your order for archival documents, please book a work space in the reading room.
  • After having received your reservation, we provide you with a written confirmation which has to be presented to the staff as you enter the reading room.
  • To access the reading room, a certificat COVID-19 and an identity card must be presented.
  • Masks must be worn at all times.

With kind regards
State Archives Basel-Stadt

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